Bike Check – Fee – Leader 725

Frame & Fork: Leader 725 51cm & Columbus Tusk Bladed Fork
Crankset: Miche Advanced 48T
Bars: Deda Magic Road
Stem: Pro PLT 110
Seat: Scottish Smellin Gav Carbon Bioflex
Seatpost: Gusset
Wheelset: F: Piece O Shit R: Charge Dish 16T
Tires: Vittoria Zaffinio Road Slick
Pedals: MKS Road Pedals Cut
Cadges: All City Double
Chain: Izumi Track OG Eco Gold Chain


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One Response to Bike Check – Fee – Leader 725

  1. Francisco says:

    Very sick bike!
    Hello, I Have a question, do you have any problems about the compatibility with the Leader frame and the Columbus fork?
    I´m asking because I have a leader 725 mid 2011 and the headset is a fsa headset, and I want to use a columbus tusk straigh fork.

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