Cog on the Tyne – Results and Photos

As you may have heard, last night was the Cog on the Tyne event and the North East premiere of Boikzmoind. We had a great turnout with a record number of race participants. I’m sure everyone will agree it was a great night and the film was awesome (though the miserable drunks in the corner didn’t seem to approve).

The events were… Alleycat. The usual checkpoint race, do as much as you can in 30 minutes. Each checkpoint had a challenge, which included braving the feral scooter kids and doing a lap of the skate park bowl. The “sprint” race. One checkpoint, ride there, ride back, any route. Though I don’t think 7 miles really classes as a sprint. Skid Comp. Best of 3, longest distance wins. Trackstand. 2 hands, 1 hand, no hands, last man standing. Some confusion on who won the first time meant a head to head was needed between Liam and Tristan.

Big thanks to the organizers Liam, Fee and Lucas for making it happen and getting some amazing prizes (I won some NJS track bars!). And thanks to The Tyne Bar for hosting the film.

And of course, thanks to our sponsors, RIDE CYCLES, ZLOG, THE FOOT DOWN, BROTHER CYCLES, CANTGOSLO and HALO.

A few people were filming the race and events so expect a short video edit soon.

The Results:

1st. Tristan
2nd. Mark
3rd. Steve

1st. Phil
2nd. Steve
3rd. Lucas

Skid comp:
1st. Mark
2nd. Tristan
3rd. Steve

1st. Liam
2nd. Lucas
3rd. Fee
(Original winner was Tristan but video footage confirms he cheated)

Some of my photos from the night:


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5 Responses to Cog on the Tyne – Results and Photos

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  3. Steve lee says:

    omg i have a skid face

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