Red Bull Minidrome Glasgow

A few of the Newcastle Fixed riders were lucky enough to get up to the Red Bull Minidrome in Glasgow over the weekend. It seemed amazing in videos and pictures and I can say now, it is even more fun than it looks.

After a massive hassle getting bikes on trains with no reservations and the delays (because, well, it is Sunday), we managed to find the venue, The Old Fruit Market. The place was perfect with 2 floors and a balcony all the way round so everyone got a great view.

I was first out of the Newcastle riders to try to qualify and was pretty nervous after watching a few people before me crash in spectacular fashion. After my first lap I discovered it was way easier to ride than it looks, but so much harder to go fast! A few laps to practice and it was time for my 10 timed laps. I thought I was doing great, when you’re up there you feel like you’re going 50mph, but after about 10 seconds I heard the commentators call out that I was in last place. I tried to push it a bit for the last few laps but it wasn’t enough. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching my place slowly slip down as everyone got a faster time than me. In the end I just missed a qualifying place finishing around 35th. I will be returning to the Minidrome at some point and I will qualify!

After a few more riders it was Liam’s turn. He did really well in the qualifying getting around 12th place. Only a few people managed to better his time and he was still at around 15th place when qualifying was over, well in the top 32 that got through. Next up was the pursuit races, head to head racing with the winner either catching up to the other rider or being ahead after 10 laps. Liam got off to a great start in his race, he was well ahead for the first 6 laps looking like he would comfortably win, then tiredness set in. The other rider caught up and beat Liam by a very small margin. It was all over for Newcastle. In the end he finished around the 20th mark and won a bag of stuff from charge bikes.

All in all it was an amazing day and a great event, well worth traveling for, and we are already thinking about entering Manchester on the 22nd.

Congratulations to Toms, Chris and Ross for the top 3 spots (and toms getting a new world record!), each winning a charge bike. It was great to see Ross proving that it isn’t just trick bikes that can do well on the Minidrome.


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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing!

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