Restrap Launch

On Sunday, death track (minus Lucas and ASAP) took a trip down to Leeds for the launch of Restraps new product range. As you may know, Restrap has been making and selling bespoke cycling products over the past few years, famous for their foot straps using ONLY recycled material. Not just that, but Restrap has been the hub for fixed gear culture in Yorkshire region.

Nathan has put a lot of thought and effort into this new line of gear. This release sees the restrap team kit, 5 & 6 panel hats (propa waxxa streetwear) as well as t-shirts. I treated myself to a six panel and a bottle holder for carrying your fixie juice.

Tim, John and Sam (all crunk).

On top of the launch they had an alleycat with a twist:
-Random teams of 3
-3 checkpoints
-One person from each team to go to a checkpoint and receive a number
-Once all of the team get back to restrap HQ they use their numbers from the checkpoints to open a box with a lock combination. Inside that lies a lovely BMX inner tube, first team to blow it up WINS.

We missed the last train home so we had no other choice but to stay and party on in Leeds. Beer/cider & shots were drunk, people started playing on Fee’s goat and hip-hop was played. I hope there wasn’t too much to clean up. We thank you Leeds for putting us up for the night and hosting what was one of the best times I’ve had with my bike. We hope to see you at the takeaway time trial. Be sure to head over to Restrap for all your cycling needs.

Liam & Malaysian Tom

Foot Straps

Restrap Jersey (pre-order still available)

It’s all a blur (song 2) great turnout

Fee & the Cantgoslo boys

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